Ranomafana National Park

  • Identity 

    Status: National Park
    Proponent: Madagascar National Parks
    Area: 41,601 Ha
    Population: 140,000
    Geolocation: Fianarantsoa Province
    Funded since 2013



    - The illegal gold mining

    - The illegal cutting of precious wood

    - The collection of minor forest produce

    - Clearing

    - Fires and slash and burn

    - Trapping lemurs


    What we do 

    The financial contribution of the Foundation within thePN Ranomafana allowed to fight against the variouspressures on the park. Conservation activities such asecological monitoring, restoration of 2 hectares, themonitoring and controls, maintenance of conservationinfrastructures, ecotourism activities and awareness activities have been carried out. The impacts are felt in the lower gold operators within the park and the strong participation of local communities in activities carried out.