Zahamena National Park


Status: National Park

Proponent: Madagascar National Parks

Area: 64,935 Ha

Population: 47,049

Geolocation: East of Madagascar, Toamasina

Funded since 2014

Peculiarities: The Zahamena National Park is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site "Rainforests of the Atsinanana" since 2007. The outstanding universal values justifying thisnomination to the World Heritage are: the wide range of habitats associated with a variety of exceptional birds (more than 95% of typical species of the ecoregion); thehigh diversity of reptiles including 5 Zahamena uniquespecies and 10 threatened mammals (1 CR, 3 EN, VU 6).



- Selective logging

- The hunt

- Poaching

- Clearing

- Fires


What we do 

The Foundation contributes to the conservation of thisprotected area. His support ensures wage staff expenses and the operating expenses of the site, and finally covers all activities within the Park.

Funding for the Foundation several key activities including:

- Delimitation and materialisation of external boundaries and the hard core of the Protected Area

- Control inputs by the construction and maintenance ofcheckpoints and guard posts, allowing the mastery ofmigration flows

- The descent of joint patrols formed of managers andagents of judicial police officers

- Training patrols

- The development of income generating activities such as beekeeping, basketry, poultry ... or any relevantcarrier industry