Meet the FAPBM

With more than USD 70 million in capital, the Foundation supports more than 3 million hectares of protected areas spread over 31 sites, which cover 1/3 of Madagascar Protected Areas System. 

With the Malagasy Government, Conservation International and the WWF as the first contributors, the Madagascar Biodiversity Fund is a private Malagasy foundation created in 2005 and declared of public utility.

The Foundation strives for the financial sustainability of Madagascar's protected areas and biodiversity. It carries out numerous actions that relate to the funding of the recurrent managerial costs of the protected areas and of projects that aim at reducing the pressures put on them, while addressing the needs of the populations.

6 of our parks are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage, the Atsinanana Humid Forests. Grants of the Foundation also positively impact on more than 2 million lives through the management of sites or identification of alternative activities.