Marojejy National Park


Status: National Park

Proponent: Madagascar National Parks

Area: 92,140 hectares

Population: 187 004 inhabitants

Geolocation: northeast of Madagascar in the region ofSAVA

Funded: 2007

The site specificity: The site belongs to the Rainforestsof the Atsinanana, World Natural Heritage of UNESCO.We meet as a wide range of representative ecosystemsas rupicole forest, transition forest and meadowsaltimontanes. These ecosystems contain a unique biodiversity which most animal and plant species are endemic. The mountain ranges reach 2000m.



As in most cases, this protected area undergoes severalpressures as selective logging, hunting, poaching andclearing.


What we do 

The park is managed through the sinking fund (sinking fund) German. Support from the Foundation has enabled, among others, to secure wage costs and operatingexpenses. The impacts of the support of the Foundation are transversal and cover the various activities withinthe parks.