Kirindy Mite National Park


Status: National Park

Manager: Madagascar National Parks

Superficies : 155,600 hectares

Population : 22,845

Geolocalisation : Atsimo Andrefana region in south west of Madagascar

Supported since : 2007

Features : classified deciduous dry forest, the park includes various species of trees such as: Givotia madagascariensis, Hazomalania voyroni, Andasonia grandidieri, Andasonia rubrostipa , and seagrass meadows.


• Illegal cuts

• Fires

• Poaching

• Siltation

• Artisanal fisheries


What we do 

The costs management of the park are covered by the German sinking fund through KfW.Support the Foundation has, among other things, secure payroll and operating expenses. Impacts of the Foundation supports are transverse and cover different activities within the parks.

Kirindy Mite