Bemaraha National Park


Status: National Park

Proponent: Madagascar National Parks

Area: 157 710 Ha

Population: 25,000 inhabitants

Geolocation: Central West of Madagascar, in the regionMelaky

Funded since 2014

Its features:

It is classified Natural Reserve in 1927, the Tsingy have been declared natural monuments and scientificcharacter of sites in 1939, the park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990, National Cultural Heritage in 1991, its southern part became National Parkin 1997, its northern part covering 85,370 hectares is classified National Park in 2011. The protected area is known by its specific Tsingy landscape.



The site is subject to various pressures and aboveanthropogenic. The greatest threat to the BemarahaNational Park are:

- fires

- Clearing

- Illegal logging

- Hunting lemurs

- The collection of animals for commercial purposes

- The marketing of reptiles characteristics Park (Brookesia peramata, Uroplatus henkeli (VU))


What we do 

The site manager team consists of 36 people.

The support of the Foundation allows the manager:

  •      ensure the monitoring and control of collaborative AP with the population and conservation partners.
  •      ensure ecological monitoring of APs
  •      to establish and maintain conservation and zoning infrastructure
  •      actions to improve information, communication and environmental education with local actors
  •      to promote community development movements
  •      to safeguard PAPs
  •      to support development activities in the peripheral zone
  •      create and rehabilitate and maintain ecotourisminfrastructure