Andringitra National Park

  • Identity 

    Status : National Park

    Manager : Madagascar National Parks

    Superficies : 31,160 hectares

    Population : 10,313

    Geolocalisation : Haute Matsiatra region in south east de Madagascar

    Supported since : 2007

    Features: Andringitra is part of humid forests of Atsinanana, world natural heritage of UNESCO.

    The site is characterized by a chain of mountain peaks and consists of unique peaks, culminating at 2658 m. It has 30 endemic species of flora and local fauna species with endemism about 85%.



    •    Fire

    •    Poaching

    •    Hunting

    •    Logging

    •    Tavy


    What we do 

    The costs management of the park are covered by the German sinking fun through KfW.

    Support the Foundation has, among other things, secure payroll and operating expenses. Impacts of the Foundation supports are transverse and cover different activities within the parks.