Tsimembo Manambolomaty Complex


Area: 62,745 ha

Population: 13,439

Habitat: dry and dense forest, lakes, mangroves

Location: Melaky Region (West)

Manager: The Peregrine Fund

Special features: high concentration of waterbirds (Anasbernieri) and Ankoay (Haliaeetus vociferoides); high density of freshwater turtle Rere (Erymnochelysmadagascariensis) and lemurs



  •      overfishing
  •      clearing
  •      The fuelwood cutting
  •      Illegal logging
  •      The collection of secondary products or cattailvondro
  •      The fire
  •      Livestock straying
  •      Poaching of turtle
  •      The illicit exploitation of natural resources of the forest

What we do 

The Foundation has supported the delineation of the park; funded development activities (beekeeping, water supply ...) and contributed to the management of the manager staff salaries. The contribution and the financial support of the Foundation have achievedconcrete actions in favor of conservation and research, namely the daily monitoring of fisheries production (over100 tonnes). But also to strengthen the control and monitoring of lights and cuts. Ecotourism and the development dimension was marked by the purchase of ahalf thousand new nets and more than a dozen canoesfiberglass.