Special Reserve of Manombo

  • Identity 

    Status: Special Reserve

    Proponent: Madagascar National Parks

    Area: 5320 Ha

    Population: 32,113

    Geolocation: East of Madagascar Atsimo Atsinananaregion

    Funded since 2014



    The threats to the Special Reserve Manombo are thelights and the site is more vulnerable during hurricaneperiods.


    What we do 

    The Special Reserve Manombo is managed by MNP, which is supported by the Foundation in its mission of securing physical site. The Foundation supports the materialisation of external boundaries and limits and the core of the protected area, making lawful application of the code of protected areas within it. The
    support of the Foundation also helps enhance control inputs by theconstruction and maintenance of checkpoints and guard posts, allowing
    control of migration flows. A descent formed joint patrols managers and agents of judicial police
    officers is also performed, the latter holding the verbalize of power and stop environmental offenders caught in the act. Foundation funding also affects the lobbying exercise with the
    decentralized departments of the State and regional and local authorities in order to convince public authorities to actively
    participate in environmental protection efforts.

    The Foundation also funds several projects such as the planning CLP formed patrols and AGP. They help educate authors of inappropriate practices and raise the alarm in
    case of serious offense, COSAP capacity building by planning some activities and training in co-management, the organization of events being opportunities for conduct awareness campaigns large spans and promote the natural and cultural riches of the region. The funding also provided wage security managers.