Special reserve of Ambatovaky

  • Status : Special Reserve
  • Sponsor : Madagascar National Parks
  • Area : 78 139 Ha
  • Population : 29 489
  • Geolocation : on the east coast of Madagascar, in the region of Analanjirofo

The special reserve of Ambatovaky is located in the east coast of Madagascar, in the middle of the region Analanjirofo, in the district of Soanierana Ivongo, and extends over 78 139 hectares. It lies between the rivers Marimbona and Simianona. The site is composed of wet evergreen forests of low, medium and high altitude and sclerophyllous forests.

This protected area was established in special reserve on 28 October 1958. It is classified in the category IV in the classification of the IUCN and is managed by the team of Madagascar National Parks.

The special reserve is home to 31 species of mammals, including 11 species of lemurs with 3 special species : Indri indri (EN), Variecia variegata variegata (EN) and Propithecus diadema diadema (EN). Then, 13 insecrtivores, 4 rodents, 3 carnivores were also listed. The special reserve also has 110 species of birds, 113 species Herpetofaunes, 34 species of fish and 221 species of flora of 291 species recorded. 95,5% of this flora are endemic and distributed in 159 genera and 59 families.

As for the population, 29 489 people live around the reserve, spread over 57 villages.

In addition, 5 types of pressures on the reserve have been identified such as clearing, collection of minor forest product, poaching, illegal logging and mining. Then illegal exploitation of natural resources, including quartz, made the special reserve vulnerable.