The Protected Area of Ankarana


Status : Special Reserve

Manager: Madagascar National Parks

Superficies: 18,225 ha

Population : 15,754

Geolocalisation: 100 km south of Antsiranana (Diégo Suarez)

Supported since: 2012

Features: Tsingy, the relief atypical sharp peaks produced by erosion, emerged from the water by a slow Jurassic tectonic movement. The limestone of Ankarana is part of this whole geological origin single coral.



Biodiversity of Ankarana is severely threatened by over-exploitation of sapphire in the region. The uncontrolled presence of sapphire researchers in Ankarana leads to another equally dangerous operation: selective logging of precious woods and timber as rosewood, ebony wood, the Zanthoxylumou fahavalonkazo the Cordylamadagascariensis madiroala or the Macarisialanceolata or hazomalagny and Canariumspou the ramy. Dense forest and part of the grand canyon forest are particularly affected by this savage exploitation. In addition, there are lights designed to clean up some farmlands and renew the livestock grazing, and hunting. The Tenrecs (diurnal lemurs) and the Crested Ibis are amongst the flagship species.


What we do 

The Foundation supports several activities in Ankarana: monitoring and control of the reserve, implementation of conservation infrastructure and zoning, building the capacity of the park local committees, promotion of village tourism, and contributes to cover the administrative and financial costs of the protected area.