The FAPBM manages a Qit Minerals Madagascar biodiversity offset fund

The FAPBM manages the Qit Minerals Madagascar biodiversity offset fund. This fund is intended for the conservation of New Protected Area of Agnalazaha  (NPA) managed by the Missouri Botanical Gardens. This NPA covers 2,747 hectares at an altitude of less than 50 meters in the rural commune of Mahabo-Mananivo, 55 km from Farafangana.

The compensation funds aim at measurable results in terms of nature conservation as a result of actions to offset the residual negative impacts of development projects after appropriate avoidance and mitigation measures have been taken. 

In the case of QMM, the ecological compensation measure was voluntary. Madagascar is one of the first African countries to promote the establishment of offset sites. In this sense, the FAPBM is a stakeholder in the COMBO project (conservation, impact minimization and compensation for biodiversity), initiated by the Wildlife Conservation Society and financed by the FFEM-AFD.  This project aims to promote the development of the offset mechanism.