FAPBM is getting into Impact Investing

Acting for the conservation of biodiversity and supporting the local economy: FAPBM has decided to embark on this path through impact investing. A quarter of the capital of the Foundation, a little more than 12 million Euros, is therefore dedicated to this type of investment that tends to have a positive social and / or environmental impact while generating a financial return.
In Madagascar, through the ADENIA IV fund, FAPBM supports job creation on the Big Island and therefore the national economy by investing in various companies established on the island.
The portfolio for impact investing is also placed in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America:
  • The REAFII fund in the field of renewable energy in Africa
  • The CASEIF III fund focused on SMEs from different sectors (small industries, agro-food industry, renewable energy, education) in Central America for job creation and the protection of the environment
Beyond the conservation of Madagascar's unique natural capital, FAPBM thus broadens its field of impact, corroborating its will to act for sustainable human development.