New protected area of Oronjia

  • Identity 

    • Status: harmonious landscape (IUCN category V)
    • Manager: Missouri Botanical Garden
    • Area: 1,642 ha
    • Population: 3,075 inhabitants
    • Geolocation: DIANA region
    • Funded since: 2012
    • Feature: The forest is a water tower protects the soil against erosion and prevents silting Diego Bay, high potential ecotourism.


    Biodiversity of Oronjia is severely threatened by over-exploitation of natural resources:

    • Selective cutting of plants for construction, including the use of gasoline as unique Delonix velutina for making canoes, coal mining threatening the species diegodendron humbertii
    • The extension of crop fields and pastures
    • Collection irrational tuber (oviala)

    What we do 

    The Foundation funding supports development activities and ecotourism site, conservation activities, strengthening the implementation of regulations, finalizing the process of creation of the NAP, and the establishment of good governance system in management structure.