New Protected Area of Mandrozo


  •      Status: New Protected Area
  •      Promoter: The Peregrine Fund
  •      Area: 15,145 hectares
  •      Geolocation: West Madagascar
  •      Funded since 2015
  •      Feature: Mandrozo home to several endangered species of nearly all groups: lemurs, reptiles (Yellow-headed day gecko), Amphibians, Birds, Fish (Tilapiazilii) and plants (Dalbergia bathiei EN, Dypsismadagascariensis). Mandrozo Ramsar Site also holds the label as a Wetland of international interest sinceJune 5, 2012.


The pressures experienced by the NAP Mandrozo are usually of anthropogenic origin.

The main threats are:

  •      The practice of rice cultivation on "tanety"
  •      Transformation of lakefront in rice fields
  •      Selective logging and illegal timber useful for local constructions (fences, huts, dugouts andhouses ...).
  •      Fires (wild and grazing)
  •      overfishing
  •      The hunting of lemurs

What we do 

NAP Mandrozo is managed by The Peregrine Fund and the support provided has enabled local communities to usefiberglass canoes and standards nets for fishermen, community cultures with coconut and orange trees, beekeeping, improving access to clean water by building wells, improving the education of children by residentsstaffing school supplies and the grant of some localmasters FRAM EPP.