New Protected Area of Beanka

  • Identity 

    •      Status: New Protected Area
    •      Promoter: Biodiversity Conservation Madagascar(BCM)
    •      Area: 17,700 hectares
    •      Population: 24,000
    •      Geolocation: Melaky area, West of Madagascar
    •      Funded since 2015
    •      Special feature: The forest is the little brotherBeanka north of Bemaraha, it enters in the categoryV or "harmonious landscape" of the IUCN classification.


    Threats most on the site are:

    •       the spread of wildfires in the dry forests ofBeanka
    •      the illegal exploitation of non-timber forest products and illegal hunting

    What we do 

    The support of the Foundation allows among others to secure wage costs rangers, coordinator and nurseries, as well as recurrent costs and maintenance costs. It also serves to support local managements structures in the preparation of documents and management tools that will help them take action to obtain a final status, strengthen local management tools in order to a betterorganized community, and finally to strengthen the monitoring and control system, in partnership with local communities.