New protected area of Analalava


  • Status: Management Area habitats or species (Category IV)
  • Manager: Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Area: 204 ha
  • Population: 20,089
  • Geolocation: 7 km southwest of Foulpointe
  • Funded since: 2012
  • Feature: a colony of bats and 26 species of palms, the only fragment of natural vegetation Foulpointe, high potential for ecotourism


Analalava biodiversity is highly threatened by wildfires frequent in the agricultural landscape around Analalava. However, there are other threats such as exploitation of timber for construction, coal production, gathering honey and foraging (heart ravinala, Typhonodorum lindleyanum fruits, cabbage palm). Biodiversity Analalava also be threatened by invasive alien species, including three species, Litsea glutinosa, Melaleuca quinquenervia and Psidium cattleyanum are currently abundant and are a Analalava also damage the ecological balance of the forest.


What we do 

Funding is provided for various activities: raising awareness of dina, strengthening the capacity of polisin'ala, capacity building and training guides, funding both lucrative activities (farming and nursery), and reforestation.