The massif of Itremo

  • Identity 

    Status: New Protected Area

    Promoter: Royal Botanical Garden

    Area: 27,331 Ha

    Geolocation: Madagascar Centre, in the area of Amoron'i Mania

    Funded since 2013



    - Bushfires

    - Illegal collection of rare animals and plants

    - Collective slaughter for local uses


    What we do 

    The financing is largely provided by the FoundationHelmsley Charitable Trust. It also helps support the localmanagement structures by preparing documents andmanagement tools, the strengthening of localmanagement tools to build a better community organization and strengthening of monitoring and controlsystem partnership with local communities. This fundingsustainably manage natural resources, integrate and organize local communities to improve the lives of people around the site through the pilot projects(beekeeping, cultivation of yams and bamboo, the exportsilkworms, basketry ...).