Maromizaha forest


Status: New Protected Area
Promoter: Study Group and Primate Research ( GERP )
Area: 1880.8 hectares
Geolocation : Region Alaotra-Mangoro , east of Madagascar
Funded since 2015
Special feature: This biological bridge promotes genetic mixing between animals of two Forest blocks and / or natural regeneration of plants.


Maromizaha exposed to many threats , including:

  • Wild fire
  • The traps
  • Selective logging
  • Coal ovens
  • clearing
  • Slash and burn

What we do 

The support of the Foundation axis on support for conservation and a financial contribution to the manager for the preservation of natural resources of the NAP Maromizaha and sustainability of this protected area. Financial support also allows the physical and institutional security of the protected area , and the development and management of the NAP . Its funding ensures the monitoring and control of the NAP , to establish and maintain conservation infrastructure and zoning, to establish a permanent monitoring site, improve the well being of the population . The Foundation support also allows managers to undertake awareness-raising and communication activities , and allow the site to have financial autonomy. It also helps strengthen the capacity of the management platform, which is none other than the GERP and the local community .