Makira and its biodiversity

  •     Status: Natural Park (IUCN Category II)
  •     Promoter: Wildlife Conservation Society
  •     Area: 372 470 ha
  •     Population: 150,000
  •     Geolocation: straddling three regions: SAVA, Analanjirofo and Sofia.
  •     Funded since 2011

Makira is classified as Category II of the IUCN as Natural Park. This is one of the richest protected areas in terms of species and endemic.

There are 22 species of lemurs, 300 species of plants, including 50 species of palms, and finally a hundred bird species. There are also found the 7 species of the rarest and endemic mammals in Madagascar whose Cryptoprocta ferox (grave).

Makira represents the largest moist evergreen forest block of low and medium altitude still intact in Madagascar.

The site has other habitat types including different types of wetlands (lakes, rivers, marshes) and rocks