L'Aire Protégée de Tsimanampetsotse


Status : National Park

Manager : Madagascar National Parks

Superficies : 203,740 hectares

Population : 60,605 habitants

Geolocalisation : sud-ouest de Madagascar

Label : First national park Ramsar site of Madagascar

Supported since : 2007

Features : Famous for its flamingos, the park is also home to two species of critically endangered tortoises Astrochelys radiata et Pyxis arachnoides. We also find lemurs, blind fish, different types of water birds. The seven species of baobab exist in Madagascar, two are present : Adansonia rubrostipa et A. fony.



• Fire

• illegal cuts

• Straying zebu

• Clearing

• Collection of turtle

• Area of transhumance


What we do 

The costs management of the park are covered by the German sinking fun through KfW. Support the Foundation has, among other things, secure payroll and operating expenses. Impacts of the Foundation supports are transverse and cover different activities within the parks.