Andohahela National Parks


Status: National Park

Proponent: Madagascar National Parks

Area: 76,020 Ha

Population: 44,834 Inhabitants

Geolocation: southeastern Madagascar

Funded since 2013



- The cup

- Fires

- The hunt

- The stray cattle

- Human occupation

- The collection of minor forest produce


What we do 

The management of operating expenses and salary costsof staff Andohahela by the Foundation allowed them toperform activities such as monitoring and control, environmental monitoring, maintenance of conservationinfrastructures ... Activities égaement ecotourism areparts of activities developed to reduce the dependenceof the park to the donors and to be moving gradually towards financial autonomy.

Thus, the main achievements are: monitoring of 2854tiles, the materialization of 79.5 kilometers of outer limits, 05 km of core limits, maintenance of 25 km offirebreaks, 40 km from the outer limits, construction andmaintenance of a guardhouse and the implementation of 07 km of circuits to standards and the development and maintenance of the campground, 08 km of circuits andreception station.