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Madagascar Biodiversity Fund



Is the Foundation for Protected Areas and Biodiversity affiliated to MNP-ANGAP ?

The Foundation is a private and independent institution administered by the 2004/014 of August 19 2004 law refounding of the scheme of the foundations in Madagascar. Like MNP-ANGAP, the Foundation’s objective is to maintain biodiversity in the protected areas of Madagascar, without being an affiliation of MNP-ANGAP. Indeed, the Foundation is considered as a financial institution designed to ensure sustainable financing for protected areas while ANGAP is a technical agency directly involved in managing them.

Does the Foundation finance exclusively the MNP-ANGAP network?

Can it also finance the new protected areas? Although the MNP-ANGAP network is the main grants’ recipient, the Foundation is looking to support the new protected areas, in its financing policy.

What projects are eligible for grants?

Eligible projects are protected areas conservation with and by the local community, biodiversity research and ecological follow-up in protected areas, ecotourism promotion in protected areas, education and conservation and valorisation. The Foundation gives priority to protected areas of the National Network operated by the National Parks of Madagascar ANGAP (PNM-ANGAP) while keeping the sites outside the National Network in its mandate.